scribble, scribble...

A reading list for Software Developers. Allow me to suggest some aspects of development that you might consider to become better (and better-rounded).

mdx.vim. Do you use vim, and need to edit MDX queries for your OLAP database?

Notes from the foredeck. Think of tying a necktie... onto someone else... while they are unconscious... lying face down, wrapped in a tarp... on your garage roof... in the rain... with an audience.

Reading 2010. Here’s my reading list from 2010, 35 books.

Reading 2011. Well... 35 books, same as 2010. That was an accident.

Reading 2012. Here we go again... 27 books.

Reading 2013. I can't stop reading. 29 books.

Reading 2014. Reading, 2014 collection. 26 books.

Reading 2015. Another year of reading, 25 books.

Reading 2016. 18 books.

Reading 2017. 31 books.

Reading 2018. 45 books this year.

Wallpaper. Some tiling backgrounds that I drew after looking at pictures of vintage wallpaper.